Friday, May 27, 2011


Welcome to my blog!

I wanted to start up my own blog but I needed a little help on the subject title. So I went to my friend Brittney asking what I should blog about. She told me that I should create a blog that I could answer questions about throwing along with providing information too. I LOVED THE IDEA!

Here is a little background so you don't think I am a poser.
  • Thrown shot-put and discus since 4th grade (18 years)! I beat the 5th and 6th graders so my coach made me throw!
  • Gage High School School Record in Shot-put and Discus
  • Competed in 3 Oklahoma High School Track Competitions in Shot Put and Discus 
  • Bethany College (Kansas) School Record in 20 # Weight Throw and Hammer
  • Competed in 5 National Track and Field Competitions in WT and HAM
  • Named Bethany College Female Athlete of the Year
  • Recieved the NAIA Sportmanship Award
  • Coached 6 Athletes to Nationals in 12 Throwing Events
  • Coached 3 All-Americans in 4 Throwing Events
  • Ranked 4th in the United States in Women's Highland Games (2010)
  • Hold the Highest Women's Sheaf Toss in the US at 30'1" (2010)
Okay now that that's all said...I love throwing! I love being strong! I praise God everyday that I am not ordinary!



  1. Hey Felecia! I look forward to reading your bloggy blog! :) Have fun with it! Hope you are doing well, miss you and happy Friday!!
    Love, Beka

  2. Thanks Beka! I hope that you are well! Miss you too! :)