Saturday, May 28, 2011

A Little History Lesson

The Highland Games originated from Scotland. The games are some of the oldest in the world, they say that the Highland Games influenced the Olympic Games!

There are 9 throwing events in the Highland Games: Braemar Stone (13-18lb), Open Stone (8-10lb), Caber, Sheaf (10-12lb), Light Hammer (12lb), Heavy Hammer (16lb), Weight Over Bar (28lb), Light Weight for Distance (14lb) and Heavy Weight for Distance (28lb). (Men throw heavier impliments) Eventually I will break down all of these very exciting events.

All while throwing, an athlete must wear some really cool gear. The kilt is a knee-length "skirt" with deep pleats that is usually made of a tartan wool. My kilt is called Black Watch, when I first started throwing in the games I wasn't sure which clan I belonged to so I choose Black Watch because it wasn't linked to any clan. I later found out that I could be a part of three different clans...but that is another story! Along with a kilt an athlete must wear kilt hose which are tall socks that cover the legs to the knee with garter flashes. These are elasticated straps worn inside the cuff of the hose to hold them in place. The flashes are short strips of fabric that match the color of your kilt.

Hope that this has provided you with a little bit of a background on HG...

History Lesson....check!

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